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Works Cited

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Each time that you use someone else's words, idea's or images in your research and writing you must give credit to that person or group.  You do this by creating a Work(s) Cited page. 
For a written assignment, the Work(s) Cited page appears as  the final page of the document.  Citations may also appear on PowerPoint slides & Prezi's or under pictures or maps in a visual presentation.  
At Memorial Middle School, we use the Modern Language Association (MLA) seventh edition format to create citations. 
Examples of the Work Cited guide sheets that are used in the library are provided on this page.
Works Cited Page Tips


*  The page should be titled with the words "Works Cited" " centered at the top of the page. The works cited page should be the last page of your paper.

*  All citations must appear in alphabetical order by the first word of each entry (do not include articles such as a, an, orthe when alphabetizing) regardless of the source.  Citations that begin with numbers should appear in numerical order before words.

*  The works cited page is double spaced both within and between citations. Margins are 1 inch all around.

*  Punctuation must be exact; there is no room for error. 

*  Any pictures or graphs that appear in your paper must also be cited if they retrieved from another source.

*  Begin each first line of an entry at the left margin.  Entries longer than one line are indented one tab on the consecutive line.

Click on the link and answer each question. I want to know how much you have previously learned about Citations Post 2015.