Memorial Middle School

"Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve"



HOW-TO (In the chart at the bottom of this page, you will find tutorials on all of these steps if you need them):

A.  Click on the link to NOODLETOOLS beneath the chart down below.  Then create your account, by following these steps:

  1. Click on Create a personal ID.  
  2. Select: An account linked to a school/library subscription, login, and click on REGISTER.
  3. Then fill in required information to create your account.

Select our school from the drop down menu.

Select your graduation year from HS from the drop down menu.

Enter your intials: example JD for Jane Doe.

Enter the last four digits of your phone number (if you forget your password  you will need this to retrieve it.) Don't know your phone #, use your grad year.

B. When revalidating your student account you will be asked for our school log in enter the following information:

           Your Personal ID : Initials+pin    example: jd12345

            Your Password: Pin+fair            example: 12345fair

C. Next create your project, by following these steps:

       1. Click on link (top right) for Create a New Project.

       2. Select MLA Style, Junior Level.

       3. Name your project - example:  Research Inquiry - Teacher's Name.

                4. Click on Create Project.

*Reminder* you only create one project per assignment. Use that specific folder until the entire project is done.
**Make a new one for the next assignment.**   



How do I create a new personal ID?

How do I create a project?

How do I copy and paste a pre-formatted citation

How do I switch between citation forms?

How do I create and use notecards?

How do I create a notecard for my citation?

How do I create an outline?

How do I add notecards to an outline?

How do I collaborate with other students?

How do I annotate and archive websites and PDF files?

How do I share a project with my teacher?

How do I use the formatting guide?

How do I create notecard piles?

How do I cite an image?

Set up a paper with Google docs.

How do I cite Encyclopedia/Website?

How do I find specific citation information on a website?

How do I create/access my account?