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Tenement Project


By 1900, more than 80,000 tenements had been built in New York City. They housed a population of 2.3 million people, a full two-thirds of the city's total ...

You may use the following websites to complete your research.


Tenements the First Multiple Dwellings

The Tenement House Problem

New York City, Tenement Life

American History  
This website provides a brief history of the tenements in America.  It is broken into sections for easy navigation.  This would be useful for students doing research on the tenements and immigration as a whole since further reading is available on related subjects.

Tenement Museum This website provides information about the history of tenements along with some interesting facts.  It is well formatted and engaging and would be useful for student information gathering.  This website also provides lesson plans for teachers and primary source materials.

Thirteen  This website focuses on the tenement at #95 Orchard Street, which is now the Tenement Museum.  It details the legislations that were passed and how those played out in this particular tenement.  This website would be useful for student research.

Food Timeline 

Italian Immigration in 1900- 1915

Why did Italians come to America?

Brooklyn Immigration 1900

Immigrants in 1900’s NYC

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Immigration Tenements and Toil

Charlotte Russe

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Be sure to check the validity and reliability of the authors of different websites. Check several websites for the same information to compare information for accuracy. Don’t simply trust the first website you check! You should individually search for specific information regarding your element by name after using the general sites listed above.