Vision & Mision

Vision Statement

Student learning will be central to the vision of the Fair Lawn Middle Schools. Academics, aesthetics, athletics, and the affective domains are foundation building blocks that will be skillfully integrated into the three year experience for each middle school student. Accomplished through interdisciplinary planning and curriculum development, students will be afforded opportunities to demonstrate learning in an environment which supports safety, personal growth, and academic excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fair Lawn Middle Schools is to afford each student the opportunity to learn, to achieve success, and to become a confident and productive member of a global and technological society, prepared to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Our middle schools will provide a supportive environment and a focus on improved student outcomes and high standards through the implementation of Professional Learning Communities. We will create and facilitate conditions that support increased learning opportunities for all students and in which students are empowered and encouraged to master and apply their learning.

We are committed to results oriented learning, academic rigor through student centered learning, a culture of respect and responsibility, and to having our students achieve the status of life-long learner.