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    Clubs and Activities

    Check out the large variety of clubs and activities that Memorial has to offer students in all grades!

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    Fun Facts


    Memorial Middle School was founded in 1954


    Ms. Arencibia portrait

    Ms. Arencibia has been sharing her talents with Fair Lawn students for nine years. Ms. Arencibia has created a learning environment that serves as an inclusive space where artistic expression knows no bounds and where everyone feels valued and empowered.

    - Teacher of the Year - Ms. Arencibia

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    Ms. Carino-Policastro portrait

    Ms. Laura Corino-Policastro has been a paraprofessional in Fair Lawn Schools for 20 years. Her exceptional ability to engage all students, coupled with her selfless nature, embodies her commitment to always placing others’ needs before her own..

    - ESP of the Year - Ms. Corino-Policastro